The Chains of Death Book Launch

As of September 2020, I launched the new Young Adult Book Series Of Sovereign and Citizen with Book 1: The Chains of Death. Visit my author website,, to see the awesome animated landing page. It is really awesome!

Love Those Kids

Just a little vector graphic I made for fun. It was inspired by a drawing one of my children did all of all my children together that I keep on my bulletin board in my office!  

Girl with Black Hair

I just felt like sitting in a coffee shop and doing something different. So here she is! I like trying new kinds of lighting. It didn’t necessarily come out as I hoped, but I learned a lot!

Just an exercise…

There is not always a reason to paint or draw, but take some time to do it anyway. Always challenge yourself. Here is my latest challenge. Painted on my phone.

Watercolor Selfie

I got to thinking. I have never really done a self portrait, so I decided I would give it a try this weekend while I was out with Alexandria in downtown Round Rock, Texas. She was drumming up some characature cash and I was just along for the ride.

Caligraphy and Watercolor

Bought a book by Ashley Gardner of Printable Wisdom and decided to combine what I learned there with my watercolor painting efforts. Check it out!

New Wacom Cintiq!

Took forever to get and then forever to get it working lol, but now it is. Finally got to do a fast doodle on my new Wacom Cintiq! Oh, happy day!

Da Bee’s Needs

Haha. I know. I know. It should say “the bee’s knees.” I was trying to be funny and say the bee had needs.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

I painted this little taco for my assistant. We have a running joke that when someone asks us a question the answer is not “taco” it’s the wrong question!

Watercolor and Tea

A friend of mine from jolly old England really likes his tea. As a gift, I painted this for him.

The Girl with the Silver Hair

Hope you enjoy another of my doodles. It was fun. I paint a lot during church. Shhh. Nobody tell Pastor Joe. I have a little ADD and each stroke of the stylus is a connection to the sermon in my artist brain. Fun times. Love my church.

Happy House

There is a house that I see everyday on my commute. For some reason it always just makes me happy. I made a water color painting of it to give to the family that owns it as a way to brighten their day like they brighten mine!

Moiraine Sedai, Wheel of Time Fan Art

I typically don’t do very much fan art, but I felt inspired by a fellow illustrator names Will Terry and decided to pick a property to illustrate. Hope you enjoy Moiraine from Wheel of Time.

Been a while…

It has been a while since I was happy enough with the progress of a digital painting that I felt like sharing. Funny how creativity ebbs and flows sometimes. Here is a snippet of what I have been working on. Enjoy.