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One of the hottest things these days are eBooks. Many people want to publish their writing as eBooks but often feel stifled by the amount of work it takes to market their product. They feel this way because they have been led to believe that they are authors instead of a business with a product to sell.

In the eBook market there is some strategy involved. Just as in old school publishing, there are best practices. These days, you no longer need to seek out a publisher to get distribution for your book. You can print on demand as well as publish your work through eBook platforms such as Amazon and Barns & Noble. But! Just getting your work on up for sale is not the end of your road fame and fortune. It is just the beginning. To be successful in the new world of online book selling, there are strategies such as keyword selection, Amazon Ads and making sure that your work shows up in the correct Amazon category to bump you to the top.

To be truly successful you must change your mindset from author to small business owner. If you do not do this, you will most likely fail unless the heavens open and a miracle happens. In saying this, think of all of the things that a small business has to do to get the market to notice them and deem them trustworthy.

Brand awareness matters.

And who is your brand? You and your series of works are your brand. Do not think of this process as advertising, because it is not. It is an awareness campaign that gains trust in the marketplace of ideas among potential customers.

Things needed to make a basic awareness campaign are first market research (you have to have a product people are searching for), a great book cover, proper Amazon category placement and keyword advertising, keyword optimization in the book’s amazon description, Amazon author page with keyword optimization, website, social media presence,  an eBlast mailing list, event freebies and some downloadables such as wallpapers and avatars.

PTS can create all of these things and can develop a plan to create awareness and drive customers towards your book. This process takes time to be successful and a lot of dedication. For most people, this process takes months.

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**A warning to you as an author, be careful of anyone that tries to tell you that it does not take hard work and time. The completed book is the product, now you have to work hard to sell it. Writing the book was the easy part.**

3 Free eBooks with Great Information.

** Mastering Simple FB Ads **

– Intended to accompany the FB ads video series I put out a while ago, this will take you through setting up simple FB Lead Gen ads to find readers for your list.


** Writing a Page-Turning Book **

– Five key maxims (from an editorial POV) that will help you write a page-turner. We can all benefit from this (I picked up some useful tricks, and I’ve written 30 books).


** Working with an Editor **

If you don’t understand the various forms of editing available to writers (you don’t know your structural edit from your copy edit, for example), or you just want to learn how to maximise your relationship with your editor, this one is for you.


Please feel free to share the URLs in writing groups or with your writer friends.

 More helpful information:

1. Your book is not a book. It is a business!

2. Your mailing list is the most important marketing tool you have.

– Your mailing list is important because you own it

– If Amazon delists all Christian Books tomorrow, you can take your established customer contacts and move easily to a new online seller.

3. You also need a reader magnet.

Reader Magnets Include:

A free full book

A free novella

Behind the Scenes info on your books or your process

A fact sheet or other information related to your topic that is valuable to audience (Tips, How-tos, etc)

4. Print on demand. Online digital publishers (Kindle, Nook, Google Books, Etc.)

5. Anyone that wants money to publish your book is a scam in almost all cases. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

List of SCAM publishers:


6. Resources To Train for Success In Amazon Sales

Self Publishing Formula – Free Mailing List Master Class on YouTube:

Episode 46: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX74oEyjzmk

Episode 47: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR27y0Hinqo

Episode 48: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65NO9zx1NCA

Self Publishing Formula – Free Facebook Ads course to build a mailing list: http://selfpublishingformula.squarespace.com/

Free Amazon Sales Course from Kindlepreneur.com https://courses.kindlepreneur.com/courses/AMS

Book Marketing, Cover Design, and Launch Strategies: http://www.creativindie.com/

7. Reasonably Priced Graphic Services

Book Cover Design: 



8. Get a good description with HTML Basics. 

Make your description in Amazon look the way you want with Basic HTML

Amazon Description Tools (Free):

WYSIWYG: https://kindlepreneur.com/amazon-book-description-generator/

More manual Code Generator(slightly more advanced): https://ablurb.github.io/

9. Paid services to get reviews (basic packages should be enough to get what you need in reviews):




Book Funnel ($20 per year):

Give out your e-Book out for free to people you want to review your book. Gives you a link to for people to go to download your book in the format that they prefer.


10. Book Review Targeter (What we use to generate reviews)

A tool to find potential reviewers for your book. You still have to email these people yourself and ask them to review your book.


11. How do I know the best Amazon Category for me?

Amazon Category Tools:

(Free) http://genrereport.com/

Put in your book and it will show you where you will rate in the top 100 books. You need to know what categories you need to ask Amazon to add you to.

(Paid – 1 time fee) https://kdprocket.com/

Searches for keywords to know what keywords that you should be using for you book. 

– 7 slots for keywords (you can use long tail keywords AKA phrases)

– Helps you know what book to write in the first place to know what is popular based on how much people are already looking for that idea. Helps you to know you will be more popular before you ever write it.

Other Important Topics:

Amazon Author Page:


Add your picture, bio, videos, and photos.
Mail Chimp (Free plan now has automation)

Word Press (Your website)


Word Press is where you can get a free website for yourself as an author. It is the most developed and supported platform for building simple and complex websites available. AND YOU CAN USE IT FOR FREE!
Affiliate Links:

Book Funnel ($20 per year):

Gives you a way to give out your e-Book out for free to people you want to review your book

Create Space:

Amazon is linked in with its daughter company Create Space. Create Space allows you to upload your book to have a hard copy of your work printed on demand by you and by customers. This means that once you book files are uploaded you and your customers can literally print off one book at a time and Create Space will send you a check for of your share of the profits once a month.

– This is great for making paperbacks, table top books, specialty coloring books, etc.