Laura A. Farrar’s Graphic Design Portfolio

Social Media

In today’s digital marketing, understanding the dynamics of design for social media has become a must. Not only does your image have to be eye catching, it must also convey your message with as few words and percentage of words space to meet the social media platforms’ advertising requirements. Checking if your image meets the Facebook requirements is easy, upload it here!


E-Newsletters, E-blasts & Constant Contact Templates


For the above email that was sent out in May 2018, I created the layout based on an idea from the Rentals/Sales Manager of Omega Broadcast & Cinema. He provided me with the list of items that he was interested in promoting and allowed me vast creative freedom.

I created an infographic for the SONY FS7M2K by taking a photo of the camera on a white background and live tracing it in Adobe Illustrator. After deleting the white background and replacing it with a gray gradient, I used the pen tool to point out the product highlights visually.

Contour, Neclues-M, Sigma, Dynacore, Sony, SmallHD, and Metabones were created from stock images provided by the manufactures and resized and adjusted by me to fit the needs of the email. The overall email template was created by me as well.

This email was sent out to 10,879 email subscribers with a 96% delivery rate and a strong 28% open rate with an higher than a our usual average click through rate.

As a result of this email, two major distributors of production equipment that Omega Broadcast & Cinema are resellers for contacted me asking if they could work out a relationship with Omega to have their products featured in the Omega emails. One of them even expressed that they were interested in allowing me to be the one that creates the emails to their subscribers. This opportunity has opened the door for Omega in several new directions that they are very excited about!

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Home Page Slides

Many websites have homepage slides to highlight upcoming events and special marketing information. These were created for Omega Broadcast & Cinema.


For the SXSW slide, I took my favorite stock photo of Austin, Texas and placed the inverted SXSW logo over it using a Vector Mask to knock it out so reveal the city.


For the G-Technology, I placed the stock photo of their G-Drives and logo to start and then used Typography to layout the “10% OFF _ G-Technology Products” and then added in the additional verbriage as requested.


The Shogun Inferno slide was created from a PDF. Everything had to be clipped, resized and rearranged to fit the slide size and layout.


Omega Monthly Specials was a fun adventure. I wanted there to be a sort of 3D look to the text and decided to make the letters appear both infront and behind the cameras by using vector masks on the text layers in Adobe Photoshop to hide parts of the letters.

SXSW 2017 Swag Bag Designs

The design for these swag bags was created for SXSW 2017. Initially, the marketing director of Omega Broadcast Group came with the VP’s idea of “an engineer in every box.” The “engineer” was sketched, scanned and finished up in Adobe Illustrator before being sent off to the printer.

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Business Cards


Various Print, Layout & Graphics

Key 2 Free – Volunteer Design Work for a GREAT Cause! It is important to give back to the community you live in. Key2Free is a local anti-human trafficing organization that rescues women and gives them shelter, education and a path to a new life. Every year, Key2Free requests a new design for their fundrasising efforts.

Magazine Layout and Art Direction

1Austin Wide Open Arts & Entertainment Magazine was a magazine where I was Art Director/ Asssistant Publisher. I was responsible for all layout, design of the advertising, pagination, photography, and the “look” of our brand. In the below layout, I took the photos for the Austin Film Society and the film set of True Grit in Granger, Texas.5